I'm trying to use this module but after submitting for import the form simply reloads and no node is created, no files are deleted from the import folder, and no error message is displayed. I've tried importing a single small image (8k) and no success even with that.

I'm working off of MAMP, hoping to do all the importing locally and uploading the whole thing to prod.


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Status:Active» Closed (fixed)

Updating cck, imagefiled and filefield to their latest versions solved the issue.

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Title:Images do not get imported or deleted» Images do not get imported or deleted with older versions of ImageField/FileField
Component:Miscellaneous» User interface
Category:support» task
Status:Closed (fixed)» Active


Had the same issue - was running a site with IF/FF 3.2 and importing the images just redirected me to the confirmation form again without doing anything and saying that "No images have been selected for import..."

Now updating to IF/FF 3.7 has done the trick and it's working now - this is perhaps something that should be addressed in the future - for example by blocking the module if the corresponding IF/FF dependencies are not met for the current version of this module or something. Or at least a warning message would be helpful :)


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Title:Images do not get imported or deleted with older versions of ImageField/FileField» Images do not get imported or deleted
Category:task» bug

On second look, now they don't get imported again.. Inserting some logs suggests that the imagefield_import_confirm_submit function is never called at all :(
Would appreciate some help!

Thanks a lot

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Version:6.x-1.x-dev» 6.x-1.10

sorry, using the 1.10 version.

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Status:Active» Closed (cannot reproduce)

I can't make this do this. Can you please explain how to make this fail. (and please reopen)

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Status:Closed (cannot reproduce)» Active

I'm not sure if this is the same bug, because I got an error message, OP did not.

I'm using FileField 3.10, ImageField 3.10 and ImageField Import 1.10.

After confirmig that I want to import the image(s) the confirm page showed again, containing nothing but the error message: "No images have been selected for import. Please return to the Import images page." I think I tried every possible configuration, deactivated modules like Automatic nodetitle and removed all cck filds except the imagefield.

After I removed line 320 everything seems to work as it should.

Line 320 of of imagefield_import.module:   unset($_SESSION['imagefield_import']);

I'm not a coder, but maybe somebody else might be able to tell if this line is necessary for something ;)

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I just installed ImageField Import on a different D6 site with different modules on a different server and had the same problem again. I deleted the line from imagefield_import.module and it works all fine. I don't know what the line is supposed to do but it seems to me that it's a bug.

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