Don't understand that considering the "jQuery UI Update" module, discussions are talking about versions far in the past before the present jQuery UI version 1.8.

Tried to get the 1.8 working and -probably ofcourse- it didn't. I can't vink the module on and it say thatthe required "jQuery UI" module is missing, while it's in the modules list. Then there seems to be a patch; should this be integrated in this Update module?

Upgrade to jQuery UI 1.8


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Don't know; also the other module update was installed. Then put the jQuery 1.7 in the appropiate subdir as 1.8 didn't work. Then updated some other jQuery basic background version 3.5 to 4 or something. Yes, I also had the new themes installed, but that should not make such a dramatic difference I suppose.

=> Nothing. I keep having the error that the module can't be vinked on, because it needs 'another' module with the same name. Then so now and then (but not always) I get the error that jQuery_UI is lacking.

So probably will unvink the modules and remove them from the directory. Then install again and finding the old 1.6.x jQuery version that someone has saved on his/her site (Google now refuses to maintain this old version, as there are the 1.7 and 1.8 series). After its working, I will upgrade to 1.7.x ands then to 1.8.x, while some other basic background jquery is upgraded first to 3.5 and then to 4 or something. Ofcourse I will backup my installed modules everytime before upgrading, as there is a more than reasonable chanche the upgrade fails.

Not really new questions here on top of the former request for having this module upgraded to the newest jQuery programs and themes.

Probably I'll report here after I've acomplished the install, so others can take use of the info.

jQuery Plugin 1.8 is out -

All jQuery-UI versions:
including the last 1.6 version:

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Project: jQuery Update » jQuery UI
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@ClearXSClearXS I think you are looking for the jQuery UI module. jQuery Update just deals with jQuery core.

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Title: Update patch for jQuery UI 1.8 ? - Only see (very) old version... » Update patch for jQuery UI 1.8 ? (now 1.9!) - Only see (very) old version...
Project: jQuery UI » jQuery Update
Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 6.x-2.x-dev
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I see my title is a bit confusing in this perspective. No, it's about how to upgrade jQuery_Update first, that is necessary to upgrade jQuery_UI to 1.8, but now even prereleases of 1.9 has come out too.

jQuery_Update uses "jQuery 1.3.x (currently 1.3.2)" for the latest module versions.

I upgraded the UI to 1.7.3; my admin/reports/status says:
jQuery UI 1.7.3
jQuery Update 1.3.2

Think this was the maximum possible with Update 1.3.2, to get 1.7.3 ?

Any idea/timetable? Think there was another issue about the same? If so this can be closed with a link to that discussion + "duplicate"

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1.9 is officially out. Is there any timetable on when it will be in the D6/7/8 versions of jQuery update?

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Looks like Punk_UnDeaD #1892282: support jQuery 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, jQuery UI 1.9 has done some of the work. We'll need someone to properly test it and possibly translate it to a patch. Thanks!