I am looking for a module or sample code to show an image in full size on moueover.
Like the the right image at the bottom at http://highslide.com/ref/hs.Expander.prototype.onMouseOut.
Or like the file listings left/right at http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/wiz.cgi.

I want to have multiple images in a node and a mouse over effect like mentioned above.

Any ideas ?


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Since the first link you posted is highslide based, it's pretty easy to find your existing options:


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I forgot to mention that it should be free for commercial usage too, highslide is not.
Oh.. found "jtooltip" http://drupal.org/project/jtooltips. Thats it.

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Sir, are you saying that this module, "jtooltip", can show full-size images upon mouse over ?!

The effect seen here: http://highslide.com/ref/hs.Expander.prototype.onMouseOut is amazing. I need this on one of my sites.

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jTooltips isn't compatible for drupal 7 but ill try the listed alternatives

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Use the highslide plugin... You don't need a module to use the plugin. Just use the plugin itself with the standard implementation.

Or even better, use "css animation".