I use new install of DEV version : 6.x-1.x-dev (2010-Mar-26)

I've enabled "Location" in "NodeWords / General settings - Meta tags to output"
I've setted "Latitude" & "Longitude" in "NodeWords / Default meta tags"

But nothing concerning Location appears in headers.

#14 nodewords_6.x-1.0-dev-geo_position.patch607 bytesayalon
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Just updated as well - location wasn't working for me in the previous dev version either.

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Location isn't showing for me either and in fact when i have location meta tags enabled I'm seeing a tripling of the meta keywords tag in my header for nodes that have location data

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locomo, did you upgrade to the most recent dev? i was getting 'description' multiplied 3 times but this version fixed the problem.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Do you have location.module installed?

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Active

No I don't use Location module.

I understand Location module is needed to update location of each node.
But as I set a general location (default value), it could be output in HTML for each page without Location module.

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i've updated to most recent dev and location isn't being output

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checking in to see about the status of this bug.. i have location module installed and most recent dev and can confirm that locations are not being printed

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Title: Location isn't shown » More documentation needed?

I tried installing location with the working nodewords dev before April 7th - I noticed the location module comes with several other "extension" modules (CCK location input, for instance). More documentation about integrating with location might just be needed. As a temporary fix, I just added a meta tag in my page.tpl.php file ;)

I found documentation for the META tag on google at : http://geotags.com/geo/geotags2.html

<META NAME="geo.position" CONTENT="latitude; longitude"> 
<META NAME="geo.placename" CONTENT="Place Name"> 
<META NAME="geo.region" CONTENT="Country Subdivision Code">

<META NAME="geo.position" CONTENT="49.2;-123.4"> 
<META NAME="geo.position" CONTENT="49.2;-123.4"> 
<META NAME="geo.placename" CONTENT="London, Ontario"> 
<META NAME="geo.region" CONTENT="CA-ON">
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Title: More documentation needed? » Location is not shown
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Status: Active » Fixed

The code has been changed, and committed in the repository. Thanks for your report.

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Status: Fixed » Active

i'm using the latest dev and locations tags are not being displayed

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I'm also using latest DEV (28 Apr 10) and Location metatag is not being rendered

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same here, no location is rendered although Latitute and Longitude is set in General Metatag Settings.

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Use the attached patch and be happy to see the meta tags again...

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Title: Location is not shown » Some meta tags are not output
Status: Active » Fixed

The same issue was present for another meta tag. I corrected the code whenever it was required, and committed the changes in the development snapshot.

Thanks for the report, and the patch.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.