I am trying to use this chatroom module to implement a page showing a webcam together with a text chat. Let's see if someone developing this module can give me any hint as to where should I go.

The webcam will be a rtmp stream grabbed from some CDN and shown in a flash player, flowplayer more concretely, so I really only need to know how to place this flash player in the same page as the chat.

I have tried creating page-chat.tpl.php but it seems to disable the chat. I can't see the flash player nor the chat, so I understand something must be intererring.

Any help? I am sure more users of this module will be interested in this question.

Now I must go but I can upload my page-chat.tpl.php so you can help me correct the code.


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please upload your page-chat.tpl.php file, and give me as much info as you can about the setup, and i'll have a look.

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What webcam module are you using, I'm also interested in setting something similar up, with both chatroom + webcam, but havent found a nice webcam module to hack.

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Since the Chatroom module at the moment (claiming to copy paste the file chatroomread.php to the site's web root) isn't stable, isn't a good idea to even add webcam functions. Sounds good, the module looks good etc... but it's server eating! Many server hosts wouldn't accept the Chatroom module running. So, think about that before you want to add the cool chat to your site. Sometimes things look nice etc but when setting them (this module) to reality u will get troubles. I would say as long the module/its author claims that you have to copy paste chatroomread.php file to web root you shouldn't use the module, better wait for an update of the module.

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- chatroom module is stable.

- there are *no* plans to eliminate using chatroomread.php as the entry point from the webroot, so there is no use "waiting for an update".

- copying the chatroomread.php function to the webroot has *absolutely nothing* to do with its "server eating" skills. the point of chatroomread.php is make the module use *less* resources, not more.

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Drutalk module project (http://drupal.org/project/drutalk) did integrate webcam to chat between two users, using flash. However the Drutalk module of some reason doesn't work properly at the moment but maybe you can have a look at the codes of that module to get an idea.

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I'm using the opentok module (http://www.drupal.org/project/opentok). It creates a field that you can then add to the chat content type.

Right now the chat messages don't update automatically, and it looks like there's an issue between the two (chatroom works fine by itself, but not when the opentok field is added).

Hope this helps,


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@pbboller: any luck with opentok with chatroom? I've done some work with opentok and it's a potentially powerful combination chat + video.

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This would be cool. Changing category to feature request.

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@verta: I've gotten this to work fine with version 7.x of chatroom and some reworked code from OpenTok. Unfortunately the code is really out of date and needs some work to be more generalized. I'd say less of an issue with current version of chatroom and more of opentok needing some serious attention...