Hello Everyone,

Is there any way to view this module as a page or block by itself without integrating it into a WYSIWYG? If not, I would like to make this a feature request.

I was looking at this module an noticed that you can create separate directories and permission per user, a feature other file browsers lack. I would like my sites users to be able to go to a page with an ftp area that shows them this file browser where they can transfer and retrieve files from me.

Thanks for your time!


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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

I'm an idiot. My custom theme was not showing the tabs on the user page so I didn't see the link to the file manager. Any way, it works great!

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I'm still looking to implement this and, unfortunately, its not clear to me. I would like to use IMCE as a standalone file browser in a block. I see how there is a tab on each user page for IMCE and I see how IMCE can be accessed by [baseurl]/imce, but what PHP code can I insert into a block so that IMCE can be integrated on an existing page as a standalone file browser?

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Yes - this much later - I'd also love to to be able to present the file browser as a block.