The Thickbox script is getting old and when I was looking around for something to replace it I found the Colorbox script.

I propose we port over all the features from the Thickbox module and contemplate making Colorbox 7 the upgrade path from Thickbox 6.

This new version of Colorbox should be able to be a drop in replacement for Thickbox as long as you can run jQuery Update version 6.x-2.x.

A neat feature would be a update function that change the display settings for all CCK content types from Thickbox [preset] to Colorbox [preset] automatically. That would make it a true drop in replacement.

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The code has been ported over now. Please test it out.

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I've used it on site that needed to display html content in an iframe, via popup, and colorbox did the job... the skins are nice addition. Some of the skins I like a lot, but would also like to see them in a dark/black version for each; i'm writing this off the top my head, but recall there was a skin i ended up using, which was light and wished it was dark... that's all...

Great job.

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Funny i ran into this module. I started my own version a while back ago. Basically I took the thinkbox module and changed it to work with colorbox. I also added the ability to pick from a default skin from the admin section. Mouseover changes the preview.
One of these days I should d/l this module and check it out.

Attached is a screen shot of the skin picker in the admin section.

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gooddesignusa, your "Skin picker" looks really neat!

Post a patch or just your whole module and I will try to put that feature in the Colorbox module.

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frjo I sent you email talking about how I got the skinner picker to work. Also attached the module for you to look at. Looking forward to your reply

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Status: Needs review » Active
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I Installed Colorbox in a test site with Ubercart.
I got the error shown in the screenshot: no widgets installed.
Probably because I am running Jquery 6.x-1.1
Jquery is currently at 1.4.2.
Minimum requirements for Colorbox are 1.2.
However, running update does not update jquery.
I don't know how to update jquery to latest version and if it will run with Colorbox.
At this point, if I don't find a solution will have to disable Colorbox and install Thickbox.

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I think you have two separate problems here.

1, you need to install the jquery_update dev module (not the production module)

2, Ubercart uses lightbox and / or thickbox - I doubt anyone over there is aware of the colorbox module as yet. It should, however, work with Ubercart... I am using it at with some success, although I have disabled imagecache for other reasons and am simply using image_attach (part of the image module)... which means the thumbs in the catalog are not working...


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Thanks to the module maintainer post in the drupal development list I became aware if the impending deprecation of thickbox in favour of colorbox.

I've upgraded from thickbox to colorbox. The only snafu I have to report is that in the Panels preview page the colorbox script doesn't work. If I click the image I get the image in the size that colorbox will pick it, but no frame or any other JS specific stuff. I opened the chromium inspector console to try to see if there's any error being reported, but no. It seems that the colorbox JS is not being included. It worked with thickbox though, i.e., the panels preview page made thickbox available and working.

Thank you

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perusio, what path is it to the Panels preview page. Colorbox by default is not included on some path, like admin* etc.

You find this under "Advanced settings" in the Colorbox settings.

Thickbox also has the same setting but a minor bug makes it not active until you have saved the Thickbox settings at least once.

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Here's the path:


Thanks for reminding me I glossed over that setting, and in fact I never before saved the thickbox settings, so that explains it.

So it works as it should.

Thank you.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I cant get colorbox to work with iframes. and lightbox doesnt work with IE . what do you recommend to use with iframes that works with IE as well as the other browsers?