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This how-to assumes that the basic Mapstraction CCK config steps were performed.

  1. On The Content Types page create the content type that will contain the mapstraction CCK field
  2. Go to the Manage Fields page and add field for the map. Choose "Geospatial Data" type
  3. Click the Configure hyperlink for the Mapstraction CCK field you created
  4. In the Basic Information section add a label and choose "Mapstraction Map"
  5. In the Global Settings section choose Number of values - that is the number of Mapstraction objects (points, lines, polygons) the user can draw into map. Choose the Data type - one of the object types the drop-down lists. For some reason in version 6.x-1.x-dev or older you can only select one type. Save the page.
  6. Click the "Display fields" button that is next to the "Manage Fields" button on the Manage Fields page
  7. On the Track Map field select "Mapstraction CCK Single Map" option in the "Full node" column. You might want to do the same in the "Teaser" column. Save the page.
  8. In the User Management > Permissions make sure you grant all necessary privileges for the mapstraction field to the desired user group.
  9. Now go ahead and create content using the content type that contains the Mapstraction field. There should be a map on the page with 3 hyperlinks above its upper edge. Use the "Add New Feature" one, to create Mapstraction objects (double click to end drawing lines). Once created, objects can be modified by entering the Edit mode by clicking the "ActivateEdition" hyperlink. After finishng editing, click the "Deactivate Edition" hyperlink to get out of the Edit mode.

There are some videotutorials about module configuration and use available at the Project page.
Text is in Spanish, but it can be very useful for module users

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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Thanks sano for collaborating with the module documentation!!

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I did as you told us, but it doesn't work anyhow, can you give us an example about mapstraction, it will not be better if there is a book about this. Thank you.

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You can test the module in the demo page and watch some how to videotutorials in the Project page.

If your problems persist, you can post an issue related to your problems.


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Hi, after updating to the 6.x-1.0 version (released on 2011-Jul-27) The Activate Editing and Deactivate Editing buttons are not visible. The reason seems to be this piece of code:

function addEditionControl($field, $map){
  return '<div id="'. $map['id'] .'-activate-edition" class="mapstraction-cck-edition-control-active" rel="'. $map['id'] .'" active="false" edition-active="'.t('Deactivate Editing').'" edition-inactive="'.t('Activate Editing').'">'. t('Activate Editing') .'</div>';
  else return "";
} the file.

Can you shed light on the place where/how can I make the buttons visible?

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I found an answer to my quest. In short, a patch needs to be applied to the geo module, to expose mapstraction cck admin section for a content type field. See issue for more info.