My menu tabs disappeared when I installed i18n.module.
admin/menu page now has title "Watchdog" and no tabs (List, Add menu, Add item)...

Does anybody know what is the problem ?



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I have a problem. All the labels in contact form are translated apart from the one saying: "You can leave a message using the contact form below." The funny thing is they ARE translated when I check "manage strings" options. Also "You can leave us a message using the contact form below." is translated too, though I have no idea where this one goes (notice: the second one has an extra "us" in it). Even though in manage strings I can see a translation it doesn not show up in contct form. I repeat that other things are translated. I also cannot make a link that says "Contact us" translated (it is displayed in the header section as primary link). "The same" link saying "Conact us" that I have in navigation menu on left side IS translated, so I guess the name of the other one shoudl be translated too. And another weird thing - when I switch to for ex. polish the translated left side "Kontakt" (Contact us) leads to... english version (and changes langueage to english too). The untranslated one leaves the language...

Help appreciated.

I've found one thing - to make the left menu lead to translated version i've typed "contact" instead of a full path, dunno why it works this way only... I've done the same for my "Welcome message" but now the languages I didnt translated into et make it link to non-existent sites

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This is because "You can leave a message using the contact form below." string can't be translated using t() function unlike all other lables. This message isn't a string inside a source code, it is a site variable which is stored in the database. i18n module can translate those variables too, but you need to read more documentation on how translate variables.
Dmitry Kresin, ARDAS group (

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I use it in a trilingual site and it works very well. The only tricky part is getting the name of a variable that's not already on the list -- it does require some digging into the .module and .inc files of your drupal installation to identify the place where that string is being inserted. Thankfully, Drupal modules have names that tend to be pretty self-explanatory, so even if you're not a PHP head it's still reasonably straightforward to find things and try something until it works.


Juan Felipe Rincón

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The same problem still seems to apply to even D6 and i18n!

I even had two contact links popping up, a German one and an English one, even though they both lead to an English (i.e. untranslated) version.

Until you find the newly released module tContact !
Have a look here:

I added this link in this "deprecated" section of, because that's where I found someone having the problem described above. Now someone using the same search terms relating to that problem will be able to find a solution.

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I see similar behavior.
I have all i18n + translation modules enabled, plus the following:

- captcha
- legal
- logintoboggan
- masquerade
- nice_menus
- systeminfo
- taxonomy_menu
- views
- views_rss
- views_theme_wizard
- views_ui

Going to the admin screen for the "menu" module, the title I see is "views" and the tab set for the "views" admin module. If I reload the page, the "views" tab / task set disappears along with the title, and I can see the description of menu.module but none of its tabs. If I go back to Admin (to see the log) and enter into menus again, the situation repeats.

If i disable all the views modules, the title and tab set disappear, but the "menu" title and tab sets don't reappear. Only if I disable i18n completely do i see the tabs.

I've tried to poke around to determine at what point it is that the menu module's UI are replaced with the views module UI, but I'm just not very clear on where it's happening... the one thing I can notice is that when menu_get_item (in is called right before the tabs are supposed to be drawn, the $mid it's working with is the one for views.module, not for menu.module -- which is why it's rendering the views.module tasks and not the menu.module tasks. I just can't isolate where in i18n.module this might be touched to see if it's mangling it, or if i18n is not the culprit...

I'll try to set it up in a completely fresh install of drupal to see if I can reproduce -- I have too many modules and am getting tangled up. Anyone who understands how the menu system and how i18n work who might have an idea?