Is there any module available with the following features (As like MS - Access)?

1. Data Tables
2. Data importing & Exporting (as csv)
3. Data input forms creation
4. Reports or Views (using queries) creation
Forms <----> Tables <---- > Queries / Reports

Admin can enter or import or view data in Table format
End users can enter data using Data forms
Also, Users can search for a particular record

If a module is available, it will be very useful to do the following:

1. Processing Applications for Job / Course
2. Publishing Results for University / College Examinations
3. Processing consolidated reports of students / employees
4. Maintaining complete profiles of employees or students
5. Maintaining Attendance, Payroll processing.... etc.,


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how comfortable/knowledgeable are you with Drupal?

There's not one module per se but with the right module combinations (CCK, Views, Content Profiles, ...) you can recreate pretty much anything you're looking for.

data import with
data export is possible with

For jobs, look at

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By Using CCK, not able to create a data entry form...(it may be possible using php code).

Views - does not shows fields from custom content type.

Also, not able to use Form modules (like Webform) in views.

If I use php code, Shall I need to give database connection information (db name, username, password) in each node? It will make security issues!?

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you're totally missing the points here and probably should devote more time learning Drupal

- yes, CCK provides you with a data entry form, that's "create content"
- Views does show fields from custom content type, you have to select them from the field group "Content"
- Any data input through Webform is not stored in the database as actual content, so of course Views doesn't support it
- don't do that...

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From your responses it's clear you haven't done any homework:

1. cck exists preciselyI to create data entry forms via the UI. That's the entire purpose so I have absolutely no clue why you would say it doesnt.

2. yes it does.

3. as described right on the project page, webform is not for manipulating data but for one-way data collection.

4. not the way to use drupal.

If you're planning to build this type of site by flicking a switch, without any effort or research, then you're probably looking at the wrong platform.

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Thanks tdimg & WorldFallz,

I had wasted lot of time in searching for a form building module..

Because I forget to see the line "To omit the body field for this content type, remove any text and leave this field blank." under the body field. And also for get to check the permissions page for the custom content type..
I had looked for the custom content type name, instead of seeing 'content'. So, I misunderstood the CCK & Views modules.

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There isn't 'a module' for this-- this is what you can build with drupal.