Hi, and thanks once again for this awesome module. I was really enjoying it, until all of a sudden it disappeared on me. In other words while the message to have CKEditor to be included or excluded appears below the body field box, the actual editor itself is absent. This happened on two separate sites I'm running off a multi-site, however on 3 other sites that are relatively new Drupal 6.16 installs the editor shows up no problem. So I've deduced this is not a problem with your editor (I think), but most likely a conflict with some other modules. I've included a picture of a list of modules enabled on one of the sites that's not working. So perhaps you're aware of a conflict with one of these modules. I'd really love to get this working again, because I don't like the way the WYSIWYG module deals with your editor. So please help if you can. Thanks!

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Do you see any bugs in Firebug?
Make sure you have cleared Drupal cache and browser's cache.

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Not sure where in Firebug they'd show up. Can you give me a little help on this? And I cleared both caches, still nothing.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Had to turn off and uninstall a slew of modules, and then clear cache, and disable and uninstall ckeditor, and then re-enable, and voila it worked, so while I don't know which exact module screwed it up, it is up and working again. Thanks for everything.

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Status: Fixed » Closed (duplicate)

Marked as duplicate of: #735028: After updating Drupal 6.15 to 6.16 CKEditor won't replace body fields - Just fyi for those who are looking for a universal solution.

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What resolved it for me recently was to disable "OPTIMIZE JAVASCRIPT FILES" under my Performance settings. CKEditor didn't like that compressed JavaScript file, I suppose?

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Nope, however they work well together. But this functionality is not supposed to used in development environment (upgrading a module means development). You may want to clear all aggregated files (on /sites/default/files/css and /sites/default/files/js). Drupal checks only the filename, not their content.

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You wouldn't believe it - I found this link with the most usefull information: http://drupal.ckeditor.com/troubleshooting#comment-4973

All I had to do was to clear my browsers cache. My site worked fine when using wamp, but not when it was uploaded. Browser cache made the worlds difference.


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In FireFox browser I found that firebug was some how preventing the ckeditor from appearing. In the Chrome browser CKeditor was working.

In Firefox I disabled Firebug and restarted the browser. I then enabled Firebug and restarted the browser. CKeditor came back.
I am guessing this was due to a recent update to FireBug.

All the best,

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thanks wwalc that did the trick for me. thanks again!

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Try to change url to plugin folder: site_config/ckeditor/, then go to Global profile->advanced settings and change the value of the field labeled with "Path to the CKEditor plugins directory:" to "%m/ckeditor/plugins".
It solved almost all of my problems: all content types have ckeditor but one!
Sorry for my English :)

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Version: 6.x-1.1 » 6.x-1.8

I ran into the same issue after upgrading from 1.6 to 1.8. I managed to resolve the issue by opening up the settings page (/admin/settings/ckeditor/edit/Default) and setting the "Toolbar" option to "Full". It seams to me that this setting somehow was dropped and needed to be set again.

Michael Malmgren
Fuel9.com | Boomerang

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This one (#11) did trick for me. Cleaning caches, reloading browser, optimization of javascript didn't help.
Setting toolbar to full did.

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Fixed the problem for me.
The oddity appeared to be that if I built a site from scratch and included the module, this toolbar option (under editor appearance) was already set to full so the editor came up in the body field of the node but on an existing site where I installed the module, it was not set at all and so I had to set it to full in order to get the editor to come up.
Thanks Michael !

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keeping track of this, same issue

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Thanks Quevin, this remark was just what I needed. (CKEditor 6.x-1.2 in Drupal 6.20 seems not to like compressed Javascript either!) This is yet another reason to upgrade this old site.

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In my case on admin/config/content/formats/full_html 'Limit allowed HTML tags' was unchecked. Checking it did the trick!

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Issue summary: View changes

I reverted back to and flushed all cache. now it seems to work.

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#11worked for me. Thank You Micheal.
I had to fix this on several sites now. The FULL WORKED. and also basic.
life saver
--- recap solution

Administrator > Site Configuration > CK Editor -- edited the 'advanced' profile.

Under 'Editor Appearance' panel, the Toolbar used buttons, loading sample 'basic' worked for me (instead of FULL)

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Yes, it seems that the toobar are defined differently, so one has to add buttons to it.
It then worked for me.

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Interesting.... Same problems with Drupal 7.
Just updated WYSIWYG and CKEditor disappeared.

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Had the same issue, turned out to be browser related for me. Where I work they have an older version of IE set to default, when changed to something more recent, the wysiwyg editor reappeared and is working fine.