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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:25

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-6--3-0-ALPHA3:

  • #552190 by Bartezz: Fixed missing t() for user logout link.
  • #571038 by smk-ka: Removed call to admin_menu_wipe() and cleaned install file.
  • by smk-ka: Added missing variables to hook_uninstall().
  • #511744 by smk-ka, sun: Fixed /admin page links are broken.
  • by smk-ka: Commented out admin/node/add test cases (to be removed).
  • #557062 by Dave Reid: Fixed undefined Drupal.admin error when including admin_menu_toolbar.js before admin_menu.js.
  • #554124 by Dave Reid: Added missing toolbar.png.
  • #586228 by Island Usurper: Fixed for PHP 5.3.
  • #601918 by BWPanda: Fixed admin_menu.css overrides admin_menu_toolbar.css.
  • #599462 by sun, koyama: Added background-color to avoid unintentional override.
  • #557062 by sun: Fixed admin_menu_toolbar JS/CSS loaded before admin_menu's.
  • #655926 by donquixote, sun: Improved performance of delayed mouseout.
  • #366442 by sun: Added tweak to collapse modules on permissions page.
  • #667856 by salvis, sun: Fixed switch user list may be empty.
  • #645526 by TravisCarden: Fixed stale local tasks markup after moving them.
  • by sun: Fixed missing .element-hidden style in D6 for permissions tweak.
  • #730156 by sun: Fixed Administration views.
  • by sun: Disabled admin_content_taxonomy view as it's not ready for prime-time yet.
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