By developping a mobile version of my site, I realize that the include/exclude schema of CKEditor need other criteria, like theme or domain name. I think, at the moment, disable CKEditor by theme criterion is reasonable, because we don't need an heavy editor on a simplified theme.

Maybe something like this: theme-name:node-type@path/to/page.textarea-id ;-) Wow, all special in an url schema is used.


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Issue tags: +6.x-1.3

I think it's good idea and should be released in version 1.3.

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Status: Active » Postponed
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I think this would be a great feature, too. It appears that there's no good means of jscript-based wysiwyg editing on all mobile devices, and that it might be a while in coming. I think having a means of just disabling and falling back to plain text editing based on theme or domain name (the two means of mobile switching provided by the Mobile Tools module) would gracefully degrade the mobile editing experience.

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Title: Support domain name or theme in include/exclude » Support theme name in include/exclude
Status: Postponed » Fixed
Issue tags: -6.x-1.3

I add support for theme name in include/exclude as @jcisio said: theme-name:node-type@path/to/page.textarea-id

Please check the latest dev release and let me know if you notice any poblems with it. Remember to clear Drupal cache and browsers cache before testing.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Title: Support theme name in include/exclude » Add support for theme name in include/exclude in editor profile configuration
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Is there any way to get the same functionality with Drupal 7?