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MD5: 8a3ee47e20e9008c40ae96a6e4747a4f
SHA-1: b4ac9ed9fa87d089ad7ca32521d9b83d850b8e29
SHA-256: 56cc42b20d0e68db19ffbc55e912c02cd34764945310035b0a65c4c33cf4ffc1
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MD5: 205dd71476eef40f1118d7ba9b3b9454
SHA-1: 0a7accc7096afbb26dfd05c94b5ed2f7edca61a1
SHA-256: 705af6743e3d0bd53ba516a9fbfd869fbc93a7672d6d4dac22155988412fddba

Release info

Created by: sun
Created on: March 8, 2010 - 15:51
Last updated: March 8, 2010 - 15:55
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-6--2-0:

  • #394068 by kswan: Fixed missing button icon names in markItUp.
  • by Zoltan Balogh: Updated Hungarian translation
  • #400482 by sun: Fixed editor.instance.prepareContent() breaks editor's native markup handling. Drupal plugin authors should add the CSS class 'drupal-content' to prevent the editor selection to activate internal editor buttons.
  • #490266 by sun: Fixed JS error when wysiwyg profile contains no buttons.
  • #490270 by sun: Fixed openWYSIWYG displays no buttons by default.
  • #487000 by sun: Fixed list of project maintainers.
  • #496744 by TwoD: Fixed FCKeditor: "Apply source formatting" not working.
  • by sun: Fixed form_build_id not removed from serialized profile settings.
  • #507608 by jfh: Added WYMeditor instance API methods.
  • #522440 by authentictech, sun: UX: Fixed user interface for Wysiwyg profiles.
  • #490914 by sun: Fixed JS/CSS not updated after update with caching enabled.
  • #526644 by Darren Oh: Fixed broken editor theme validation.
  • #509570 by Rob Loach, sun: Added forced detaching of editor upon form submit.
  • #538996 by darktygur: Fixed 404 errors for non-existing theme CSS files.
  • #514912 by Likeless, sun: Added plugin/button handling for WYMeditor.
  • by sun: Fixed PHP notice.
  • #372826 by sun: Added Wysiwyg API developer documentation.
  • #545210 by sun: Fixed default value for editor toggle link.
  • #489156 by sun: Removed orphan global 'showToggle' JS setting.
  • #462146 by TwoD, et al: Added support for CKeditor.
  • #620858 by quicksketch: Fixed focus event not firing for CKeditor.
  • #610132 by TwoD: Updated CKEditor 3.0.1, stylesheets and version check.
  • #380586 by SimonEast: Updated YUI editor: Version detection not working.
  • #462146 by TwoD: Cleaned up CKEditor implementation.
  • #613480 by TwoD, Dave Reid: Fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility.
  • #620176 by sun: Fixed missing Ukrainian in language list.
  • #597852 by sun: Fixed missing Turkish in language list.
  • #582298 by dereine: Added auto-paste from Word detection for FCKeditor.
  • #613922 by TwoD, sun: Fixed PHP warning when saving profiles.
  • #660080 by TwoD: Fixed Notice: Undefined offset.
  • #631494 by TwoD: Fixed multi-site libraries directory failure for WYMeditor.
  • #659194 by dkg: Changed YUI Editor should check the version in editor-min.js.
  • #695768 by sun: Fixed #resizable removed when no editor profiles are loaded.
  • #667848 by TwoD, kaakuu: Fixed FCKeditor is not properly detached in IE.
  • #557090 by TwoD: Fixed Whizzywig 56 instance not removed on detach().
  • #594928 by ericbellot, TwoD, sun: Fixed 'attribs' button missing in TinyMCE.
  • #659194 by sun: Reverted YUI Editor library variant to check for version.
  • #659200 by TwoD: Fixed YUI Editor content lost in IE.
  • #594322 by TwoD: Added insert method for NicEdit.
  • #696040 by Dave Reid: Fixed missing Cancel link on profile form.
  • #613096 by Scott Reynolds: Fixed no editor appearing for user signature field.
  • #695398 by TwoD: Updated support for TinyMCE 3.3.
  • #689218 by wwalc, TwoD, sun: Improved support for CKEditor.
  • #628110 by quicksketch, sun, markus_petrux: Added editor settings alter hook.