The black-and-white version uses a serif font - would say we use Times.
I'd say a switch between Non-Serif and Serif is enough. The setting needs to switch several classes, since for Page title and headings saometimes other fonts are uset.

So maybe it'd be easiest if it just adds a body class and all font definitions that are needed can be set dependent on it.


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This kind of theme setting will never make it in, so we will do it via nicely commented CSS.

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Title: Theme setting to choose base font for Busy theme » Create nicely commented CSS to choose base font for Busy theme
Status: Closed (won't fix) » Active
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This is supposed to sit right at the top of the CSS file. Unused but available font styles (well, there will probably be only one: serif) are outcommented, so they can be activated by just removing the comments. Should be fairly easy for someone not afraid of a CSS file.

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Keeping track of this thread....

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