I would like to achieve the following scenario:

-) A user fills out a webform specifying an email address (amongst other information)
-) After submitting the form, an email is sent to this email address
-) The email contains a link that can be used only once by the user (one time token/pass phrase)

-) If the user navigates a second time to this node (or a user comes to this node without a token at all), an information is displayed how to get the token (link to the download webform)
-) Users who are logged in can access the node/page without the specific token

So what I'm basically looking at is a one time login that gives a specific privilege for the life time of the session. The node can be accessed with this privilege, but also with other privileges granted through "normal" username/passwd logins. I don't want to give public access to a download (of a product installer), but I also don't want to force everybody to register.

There are quite a few modules out there that deal with node access:

In particular:

And even more so with special / one time access, but none of the modules really does what I described. Especially in connection with the webform module:

Does anybody have an idea on how to achieve what I described?


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I found another module that falls into the same category, but it protect a node always with the same password:

That unfortunately doesn't give me the possibility to send a temporary username & password to a user by email.

Nobody out there with any additional ideas?

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I think you might be able to do this with the rules module-- trigger a rule when the webform is filled out that adds a user to a role, then trigger another rule that removes the user from the role once the node has been viewed.

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Thanks for the hint with the rules module.

I'll try to take a look and see whether I can figure it out.

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I realize this is an old post, but i'm trying to do the exact same thing. DId you figure anything out? What solutions are available?