With 75,000+ Drupal power websites and an emerging industry supporting over 150 professionals, the open-source Drupal project and community is exploding. At the heart of this community is an incredibly active and productive group of contributors. Creating contributed modules, themes, bug fixes, and core enhancement, these individuals define the course of the Drupal project and the ecosystem of users, tinkerers, and professionals around it.

Through this internship program we will attempt to train students from India the ins and outs of Drupal and help them established themselves as long term contributors to the Drupal project. Over two months the selected students will work closely with project mentors on real world Drupal projects; contributed modules, and core patches. They will learn the Drupal development process and gain extremely valuable experience interacting with a live open-source project. Students will be paid a stipend of 4,600 INR to 8,000 INR a month depending on the level of their contributions to the Drupal project.

The type of candidate we are looking for:

Doesn't have to have a formal higher education in computer engineering
Doesn't have to be pursuing personal projects relevant to Drupal
Doesn't have to have job experience
Has to be a self starter
Has to be genuinely curious and interested in developing software
Has to have web application development experience
Has to be social and willing to provide support to others.

For more information please read our FAQ.


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Sounds like an excellent program. The FAQ though says that the application date has passed. (July 3rd 2006). Is that the case?


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Students selection:
July 2nd-15th: Last dates for applications
July 17th-25th: Phone interviews for applicants
July 30th: Candidates announced

Zack forgot to add the - and "th" to 15 :)

The interviews are going to start end of this week.

Best Regards,
Warren Brian Noronha

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hope to see some action then :)

Always remeber, whatever do, the best be

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I wish to register for the above programme. Please confirm my registration.
Gopal S

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I wish to register for the above programme. Please confirm my registration.
H baasha