Having gone through the installation instructions with a basic setup, I'm getting nodes counts listed in the Guided Search block, but if I click on any of those I get "Your search yielded no results." I get the same error even from a basic keyword search. The Drupal core search is working properly and yielding results for the same basic keywords.

I'm not yet trying to implement any views display etc--I'd just like to get the vanilla version working first.

I've tried Beta2, Beta1, and the current Dev version.
Drupal 6.15
All the nodes are published.

Thanks in advance.


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I had the same thing happening.

When I disabled the node relationship module, I was able to view search results.

I would suggest to disable a bunch of other modules, and see if they are causing any conflict.

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Wow, followed your advice and disabled "Node Reference" and walla, I got search results.

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I'm seeing the same error and I have Node Reference enabled. The content I want to search needs Node Reference, though. Why is it conflicting?

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There are two modules being discussed here: Node Relationships and Node Reference. I have both enabled for the content type I'm trying to search. If both are enabled, I get the error mentioned above.

However, if Node Reference is enabled but Node Relationships is disabled, Faceted Search works properly again.

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I also experimented with changing the weight of the Node Relationships module in the system table to see if changing the order that the modules execute in would help, but neither making it lighter nor heavier changed anything.

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Same situation here
Both modules needed and installed. (node ref and node rel)

some seach work, some other don't without rythme nor reason for the moment.

The one that works works all the time
The one that don't never do

Rebuilding index and such does nothing of course

xxxx/fsearch_prop_simp/results/taxonomy%3A9 don't work
xxxx/fsearch_prop_simp/results/taxonomy%3A8 works !!!!!

Something fishy here.

Warning : I did not cross check all combos of noderef/nodrel, I have no time for that now, a demo is in the pipe for the brass :(

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xxxx/fsearch_prop_simp/results/taxonomy%3A9 don't work
xxxx/fsearch_prop_simp/results/taxonomy%3A8 works !!!!!

This is interesting. What are the term names, if you don't mind me asking? Maybe there's something in the term names themselves that one or another of these modules isn't handling properly.

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taxonomy%3A8 was for "Emploi" (Employment in French)
results/taxonomy%3A9 was for "Logement" (housing in French)

Except that today BOTH do no work.

I also suspected something fishy with the character set and entities but both terms have none and the fact that the success or failure varies not with the terms proper but more probably with the node filled under those terms make me reject that hypothesis for now.

Intuitively (hence not very professionally) I suspect more some poisoning of the index linked to the content of the nodes than trouble with the terms themselves.

Every facets are affected : taxonomy, CCK fields, dates ....

It MAY be linked to the content of the nodes being in the wrong encoding though or encoding related because the node content is also in French, hence accents and such ...

I don't see for now the link with Node Rel and Node ref but I'll try to take the time to save my website, disable modules and see what happens.

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Thanks for the quick reply, Annakan. I'm dealing with French/English vocabularies on my site too, so that's very interesting. I was suspecting accents or quotes, but both emploi and logement are accent-free.

Sorry to hear they're both not working today. Quel dommage!

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It can confirm that this works with Node Reference and Node Relationships both enabled, as long as the actual content type being searched by Faceted Search doesn't make use of either a Node Reference field or the Backlinks fields auto-generated via Node Relationship. If either of those exists for that content type, it fails. I don't have time for further testing at the moment, sorry.

(Other stuff can still reference that content type, though! You just can't access backlinks there... you might be able to get info safely via a View, though?)

EDIT: Spoke too soon. Backlinks does NOT cause this behavior if it's set to the 'Relationships Tab' setting. So if someone wants to debug this, looking at the difference between that version and the field version is a good place to start.

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Hi :)
Thanks a lot your work and rigorous testing allow me to use the faceted search in a coming demo.

The facts you mention fist let me thing about something happening when rendering the node for indexing (not are rendered to be indexed at cron time)
But the fact that moving the back-links from "inline in node" to tabs solve the troubles immediately seems to invalidate that hypothesis.

Must be something that happens when Faceted search gather the search result, maybe an exception when rendering that is caught by a too general error handler.

It is hard to dig in the code without a better knowledge of the architecture.

is the maintainer still around ? maybe he could point us into the right direction or place to look ;)

Thanks a lot again.