Inputs should all look like the search box (top right) but I'd say we give them a border, else they are just too faint.

The border for input boxes is 1px solid, choose a color (some kind of blue or gray at the moment, I guess) to your liking.


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Issue tags:+D7 theme, +busy theme

Adding tags.

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Title:Change all user-visible input areas (eg. text area and input for comment) according to theme» Change all user-visible input areas (eg. text area and input for comment) according to Busy theme
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Version:» 7.x-1.4


I just used this beautiful theme (thanks!) to create a site but the login input fields are not displaying as per your demo - they do not appear to being getting CSS applied. Any ideas...?

LATER: Ah, it's a Google Chrome thing - v10.0.648.119 beta. OK in FF,IE8 and Safari.

There are some other Google anomalies as well I think like region targeting not working. Shall I create issues or just post them here?

PS: Can the very top right where you have the locale stuff in your demo be a region so that my account | logout can go in it?

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Hi sailwave,
great to see Busy on your site! It looks fine to me in Chrome on OSX, but I'm not running the latest version.

Please create separate issues for each question, also for the question in your PS :) Provide screenshots so it's easier for us to know what you mean.

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Sorry, I was being dull. It's Chrome restyling the input fields yellow when it auto populates fields.

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Status:Active» Postponed