I would love to have the possibility to mix different CCK fields in the same list with draggable items.

Let's say I add a CCK multiple images field and a CCK multiple videos fields. It is pretty cool to change the order of the images in the images list, and the same for videos.

But it would be great if I can mix the 2 lists and decide the global order of my page elements (i.e. image1, video1, image2, image3, video 2... ) ecc.

what do you think ?



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Project: » Content Construction Kit (CCK)
Version: » 6.x-3.x-dev
Component: User interface » General
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Would like to have this functionality too.

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Congratulations! I wrote a separate module for this use case ;)

You can try it here - Field Mixer.

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Tonystar: the link is dead!

I also really need this function.