I've used XOOPS in the past, but Drupal looks like might be vialble alternative for a project I'm working on. Since I'm familiar with Xoops, I was wondering if anyone else here was and might be able to provide me with a compare/contrast of the two?



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choose Drupal and XOOPS as staring points

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I'd forgotten about this site;-)

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I'm using Drupal for an Intranet site. What drove me to Drupal vs something I know inside and out is that Drupal (at the core) categorizes content verus each module maintaining it's own categoires.

This way, all modules can categorize according to the site taxonomy (e.g. category).

They both have their purposes and the more I use Drupal, the more I realize that you just can't shoehorn products to meet project requirements all the time.

My 2c.


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Out of curiosity, what's running your boardjive site??

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I use FullXml and Xoops. When I discover Drupal I intend to change to it (I am migrating now my xoops sites). Comparetivelly the three CMS are goods, but I think Drupal best engine:
- FullXml has a very flexible layout, best them the others, but has a problem because use a pure XML database. This is a problem in each external upgrade. A ODBC compliant database make our work easiest and the performance of the site best. Also FullXml has not a very colaborative community - maybe because of few users, so most of things I had problems I had to discover the solution by myself. It do not have many modules to extend the capabilities of the program, despite msot of basic tasks are there.
- Xoops has a good design and a very impressive contact and notify system. But all changes in basic layout are a difficult task. This legacy of Nuke family is very heavy to any CMS. If you have many contents of the same type about diferent subjects Xoops are not good. (for sample if you have a lot of articles about Politics, Literature and Cooking they do not appear very weell in a same Xoops category. To prevent this I use many modules, one for each subject, but this is not a good thing. Also you have problems to configure a menu as you like.
- Drupal appears to me how a flexible CMS, not so flexible as FullXML but maleble enough to most needs. Its taxonomy appears to me great, despite not extensible testing. The ability to include PHP scripts is great. The notify system could be better, has that of XOOPs, but is good. The multiple chanels ability (one for each taxonomy node) was the hability that defines myself for drupal.
The module for email post to site and the massive CVS updates are great tools.
So I change my xoops to drupal, but do not change, yet, my FullXml sites since i need to research the flexibility of drupal.

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Excuse me for upping old thread, but I need help. I like Drupal, it's a very flexible and powerful CMS, but it's very slow. When running it on old machine (or free hosting), you can see the process of getting the page. Please, give me a link (or, may be, someone would make it) to performance test of xoops and drupal, and, may be, some other powerful CMS's. I used to make sites on PHPNuke, it's a good fast CMS, but in some cases it's not enough. Thanks a lot.

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It was ithe XOOPS community that brought me to Drupal. At first I did not like Drupal. It required such a learning curve, which did not exist with XOOPS. So my sites sat undeveloped sometime until I manage to give Drupal another try. This time I was impressed with the changes. So starting this year I build my first site. It is one of the best designed sites that I ever built, but the space requirements were a bit much for me. So a compromise had to be made. Once I remove many of the modules, the bandwidth the site was taking no longer was an issue.

I'm still figuring out whether I should build another site under the Drupal platform. However, this will take sometime to research. The site will be a news site.

This is really my flagship site and will most likely give viewer what is behind the DRUPAL platform.

But I don't know if this will include my adult entertainment site. Drupal is just too big to consider for all my projects.

Any suggestion of what would be a good cms for just putting pictures, videos, forum and other member friendly features?

I'm the owner of 9 domain names. They are concentrated in the areas of cultural news, adult entertainment, travel and an online community. We also moderate various forums that are geared to the above focus.