I'm working with option_trim for trimming players dependent on a selected team.

I defined userroles with all permissions for both fields (parent-teams and child-players), set with modules workflow and workflow_fields and everything works fine.

But, if there is a userrole with no fieldpermission for the parent select list (nodereference field), so this field has a static value (team) for these users, no select-items are shown in the dependent child select list (nodereference field too).

What is wrong ?


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Title: Problem with field permissions dependent on workflow/workflow_fields » Make Option Trim compatible with Workflow Fields module
Category: bug » feature

I'm not certain how the workflow fields module works, but perhaps there is an issue with both modules trying to bind to the onchange of the parent select list. Maybe there are conflicts in how each module tries to form alter the elements. Maybe workflow fields renders the child from scratch each time...

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Thank you for your reply,
unfortunately I'm not able to help, so I hope you will find the right way.
This feature is the most important step for my project.

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Are you still working on this ?
There is the same problem, if you restrict the field permission for the first field with cck field permission module.