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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:08

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-7-0-ALPHA1:

  • Numerous API documentation fixes.
  • Variety of additional automated tests and fixes to automated tests.
  • Variety of UI, string, and markup fixes.
  • jQuery Form and Farbtastic updated to latest versions.
  • Performance improvements, including the removing of prepared statement caching which saves on memory, and improvements to the automatic cron run to stop dual-bootstrapping.
  • Several critical bug fixes, including block caching, data loss issues in File module and cron, not being able to delete field instances, and fatal errors and weird bugs due to error reporting not being referenced early enough.
  • Minor schema changes, such as lengthening weight fields.
  • Variety of PostgreSQL and SQLite fixes, to get us closer to 100% tests passing.
  • Several improvements to Overlay, Contact, Shortcut, RDF, OpenID, Toolbar, and Dashbord modules.
  • More improvements to the upgrade path (still not totally working, though...)
  • Some API changes: entity insert/delete/update hooks, fields may now be restricted to certain entity types, and updates can specify dependencies.
  • Comments now expose a UI for adding fields to them.
  • Improvements to Update Manager to allow uploading of .zip and .tgz files.
  • Upgraded Drupal's system requirements to at least MySQL 5.0.15.
  • Several accessibility improvements.
  • Security: Add 'current password' field to the change password form.
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