I have some cck fields in my profile. I have the content profile registration module installed. I checked the box "Use on registration" in the content profile tab of my profile type. I even set my cck fields to required. I unchecked all the hide form fields. However, on the registration, the only thing showing from my content profile type is the title and body. How do I control which fields show up on the registration page, like in the profile module?


P.S: I change "Title" of my profile type to "Full name" and "Body" to "about me". Seems like since they're there I may as well use them. But is this best practice or should I create a separate cck field and hide the title per the readme.txt's suggestion. Is there a gotcha down the road I don't know about.


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I figured it out: I need to set permissions for content module to allow anonymous user to edit the field_* that I want to put on the registration page. Duh!

I would still like guidance on my question in the P.S.

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...not such a big duh!
took me a week on and off playing around with other options, add on modules, rules etc
until i say your "light bulb" moment...thanks

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THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKS! you saved me a lot of hours!

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Thanks this saved me also a lot of time.

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Oh man!

Thank you so much, i was driving crazy with this.

This post should be on top of the list for the keywords content profile, cck and registration form.

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it's working!

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I was not able to figure out how to "set permissions for content module to allow anonymous user to edit the field_* that I want to put on the registration page". However, I discovered a different reason why the new cck fields were not showing on the registration form. Under the appropriate content type, go into Content Profile and ensure that the box that says "Use on registration" is checked. It took me hours to find this but once selecting that, the fields now appear. Hopefully this will save someone else hours of frustration.

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If you have the Content Permissions module installed (Set field-level permissions for CCK fields), you have to explictly allow the anonymous user to edit the field in question in Permissions, as well, as setting "Use on registration" as above.

Also a handy trick is that you can set the weight of the Fields under the Content Profile tab so that those fields appear above (or below) the regular registration fields on the registration page.

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Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 6.x-1.0

hello all,
my problem is that i added 4 fields to content profile that showing in user/registration form. and now i add any field that is not showing in registration form old fields are showing but new fields are not showing. i give premission to anonymous user for edit and view. anyone have solution?

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hello jim,
the box is checked but my new fields are not showing. old fields are showing correctly.

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Thank you so much!
I have been trying to fix it for a long time.
Muchas Gracias.