I am using signup to manage class signups for a childrens tennis program. I am using the date repeat API to schedule the classes a few months at a time (schedules are refreshed seasonally).

Classes are open registration (even after they start) and I don't want the signup's to close when the very first class starts. In a best case scenario, i can leave signup open indefinitely and the admin can close them, or (more complicated) signups will close X amount of time before the very last class defined with date repeat.

I guess this could be done now, but i'd rather not count out how many thousands of hours to leave registration open after the first class starts, for each and every running class we have.

Any implementation ideas/comments/patches? I thought about setting the 'signup_close_early' variable to 0 in the admin and modifying the close function to skip that record, but my understanding of this module is complicated and figured someone more seasoned would be able to better provide support before i go breaking things.


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Title: Do not close signups » No way to prevent auto-closing of signups on date-enabled node types
Category: support » bug

Wow, yeah. There's no way to disable the auto-closing functionality without disabling all of the date-specific functionality (e.g. reminder emails). :( That's lame. See also #290249: Make autoclose time per-node, not just site-wide

Sadly, your best bet at this point is to just set that value really, really high on your site. :( Sorry.

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I hacked this out last night after I noticed Signup Scheduler had a development release out. I had to apply a patch (#336515 ) after installing it but after doing so was able to successfully set a close date.

What happens when cron runs now is signup closes it out, then signup scheduler opens it back up because I set a close date. It's a total hack but it's working and that all the functionality I need from it. Hopefully these two project maintainers can work together and get this functionality sorted out. It would occur to me to be a common request.

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+1 to either idea:

- disable closing
- set a date for closing

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I realize this is a very old post..

Does the Signup Scheduler module work? Is the patch still necessary? If so, could you point to the patch? Thanks.