Is it compatible? Thanks. :)

#10 views_diff.patch810.01 KBKarenS
#9 cck_diff.patch49.03 KBKarenS
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Have the same question, and am about to find out as a test! :)

Did you get anywhere with this in the end? Features would be amazing, but pretty risky with two such core contrib modules in dev releases....

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Looking at the CVS commits, it seems there was a commit to both CCK2 and CCK3 to make them compatible with views 3.

A different question - How close is CCK 3 to being released as stable?

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I don't know if this should go here or here: #690140: Status of CCK3 and plans for D7 or in a separate issue altogether, but I came across this bug here #817514: Views 3.x incompatible with CCK 3.x (fail to save settings - tested with 'Group Multiple Values' setting) that seems to be related to Views 3.x and CCK 3.x dev.

So, can someone please make sure the 3.x dev is synced as much as possible with 2.x. I mean, it hasn't been updated since 2010-Jan-26

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@klonos: The same patch was applied to both branches of CCK. (CCK3) (CCK2)

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Thanx for taking the time to reply markus, but how do you then explain this (?):

- D6.16 with latest CCK 3.x dev + latest Views 3.x dev -> the 'Group Multiple Values' setting is somehow locked and cannot be saved (even if message says view was successfully saved)

- D6.16 with latest CCK 3.x dev + latest Views 2.x dev -> the 'Group Multiple Values' setting can be switched on/off.

PS: I am referring to the troubleshooting procedure I followed in #817514: Views 3.x incompatible with CCK 3.x (fail to save settings - tested with 'Group Multiple Values' setting)

- edit: mixed Views/CCK versions -

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...during the troubleshooting, it turned out that the workaround in order to be able to switch off the 'Group Multiple Values' setting, I had to:

- switch from Views 3.x to Views 2.x
- switch the setting off
- revert to Views 3.x

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Title: Is CCK 3.x compatible with views 3.x? » Cannot save 'Group Multiple Values' option in Views 3.x
Version: 6.x-3.x-dev » 6.x-2.x-dev

I haven't tried Views 3 yet, so I cannot really test who CCK work with it, or how the switch from Views 2 to 3 works.

Though, CCK2 and CCK3 share the same code for Views integration, so this is not a CCK3 issue per-se.

I'm afraid this issue needs debugging on site, so that we can find what's wrong.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)
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49.03 KB

I went back to double-check that CCK v3 has all the same patches that CCK v2 has and I see matching patches in every case. I also went back and did a diff of the whole CCK v3 to CCK v2 branch. I did it by doing the following:

- Create two directories, one with a clean checkout of CCK2 and one with a clean checkout of CCK3.
- Do a rsync of CCK 3 over the top of CCK 2 using the following (to exclude cvs and translation files from the result):
  rsync -av cck3/* cck_diff/ --cvs-exclude --exclude='/po/*' --exclude='/translations/*' --exclude='*.txt' --exclude="*.po" --exclude="*.pot"
- Go into the CCK 2 directory to create a patch file.

The result is a patch file that is attached. I can see that there are very few differences and they all seem to be by design. I only see one small difference anywhere in all the Views handling code.

Keep in mind that Views also changed, so something that worked in CCK v2 but not in CCK v3 could be due to a change in Views.

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810.01 KB

Since the problem may be related to a change in Views, I did the same technique as above to create a patch file of the differences between Views2 and Views3. And there are a LOT of differences there. Just based on the sheer volume of the differences here compared to the differences in CCK it seems likely that any problem is related to something that changed in Views 3.

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@KarenS: differences in CCK integration with Views have been fixed in this commit: :)

So this issue might be related to differences between Views 2 and 3, or maybe something else. I haven't tested Views 3 yet, so I cannot really tell.