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Well, all good developers know Emacs, so they have necessarily heard of YASnippet (a self automatic expansion template)!

So I told myself that it was fine, but that this would be used for the encoded on drupal? so I seek but I cannot find anything very conclusive:

As they say, it is never better served than to go or even when I have results now and develop a small library of self hook for YASnippet template, auto completion and with the name of the hook (it was just for show yeah)!

For those who have not yet installed it thus:

Once installed and ready your Emacs just stick my librairy php-mode in the directory YASnippet snippet of which is available at this address (in the attachement):

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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Then go here: to get a first cut at code templates for writing Drupal 6 modules development. My follow on to that post can be found at our old blog, here:, wherein I make some minor improvements to Sacha's original work.

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