I've seen issues with Drupal's compatibility with PHP Version 5.3.1, and Admin Module doesn't need to go ignored, it's a great module for site management. The attached file fixes the issue for PHP 5.3.1, hope it helps anyone who uses it.

I don't know where to contribute module patches or what-not. This is actually a first for me, so hope people find it. Maybe the maintainers can apply this to the main download. This is the full module. I don't think update.php is necessary when applying it. Just to be safe, use it at your own risk! :)

admin.zip150.52 KBLawrence
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I know this is an old post, but was a lifesaver. had an old drupal 6 site that was migrated to a new server with 5.3.1. Admin pages where showing up with no content, and I didnt want to update to the latest version and force a different admin theme upon the client (eg rubik). Installed your version and seems to work a treat. thx