Domain User doesn't create a new domain when a new account is created. No error messages in the logs either.


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Yes, it does. Check your settings and try again.

And more information, please, if you want any support.

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Thanks agent, here are the problems:

- I'm expecting to see new subdomains listed under /admin/build/domain, is that right?

- After setting /admin/build/domain/user, I'm expecting to be directed to, but I'm redirected to (front page), or

In my DNS settings (GoDaddy), * points to the main IP address for my webserver. (ie. browsing to shows the main website).

I've read the README, but this is my first time using Domain Access and Domain User.

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Domain User will not auto-populate domains for existing users. You have to edit the user to create a domain.

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Sorry, I meant to say this happens when creating new users.

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You'll have to be sure you have everything set up (in Drupal) correctly and that no other modules are interfering with user registration.

Domain User doesn't get a lot of attention (in D7 it's split to a new project), and I can't possibly begin to debug this without any information.

One quick thing: Make sure anonymous users have the permission to create their own domains. This is a documented quirk.

See section 3 of the Domain User README.

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Ahh! That did the trick :)

OK, so that's very odd that the permissions had to be set separately without any notice. Here's my recommendation:

1. When User Domain settings 'module behaviour' is "Automatically create domains for new users", the module should output a warning message if the permissions "create personal domain", and "create user domains" aren't set.

2. Mention this in the field's description.

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No. This is DOCUMENTED. Other modules don't warn you about setting permissions through the UI.

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hi agentrickard.

Thank you for pointing this out. Yes, this "did the trick".
One thing about this is still awkward though:
- logging in as superuser (1)
- adding users who want sub-domains
- NOT setting, that anonymous users are allowed to "create personal domain", but authenticated users are.
- wondering, why sub-domains aren't created
- printing out dozens of pages from all the readme's instructions, browsing and checking a day's work log and carefully deciding, that the following section was not to be set for my case:

* @file
* README file for Domain User.

section 3, paragraph 5:
If you want users to be able to create subdomains when they register, you must
give this permission to the 'anonymous users' role and to the 'authenticated
users' role.

This does not make sense to me, personally, because I do not want them to be able to edit the configurations that I have set. This is my job.

Thanks a lot for your work though. Very nice to see these efforts contributed.
I would clarify this section though, so that not another one gets caught here.



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Title: Domain User does not create domain » Documentation improvements for Domain User
Category: bug » task

This sounds like a documentation task. Improvements welcome, but I'm not taking the time to make the changes.

If you have suggestions, I'll take a look, but Domain User is largely unsupported at this point. (It needs a new maintainer for Drupal 7.)