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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 23:54

Release notes

This release fixes several issues:

  • #571214 by gabor_h: fixed 'Save changes' button on term data edit form
  • #654448 by yugene, jm.federico: fixed php 5.3 warning
  • #571236 added some missing t() calls
  • #571342 fixed "Go to term page" link
  • #585686 make the taxonomy manager compatible with the admin module
  • #402592 by hefox: added hooks for merging and switching of terms
  • #579982 fixed merging of revisions
  • #635150 fixed adding of new translations with the same name
  • added language information to duplicated term name warning
  • #634270 allow to directly enter the term id in autocompletes
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