Anybody tried using Slidedeck on their Drupal site yet? It's a JQuery plugin so shouldn't be to hard to intergrate.

I'd sure like to use that with views :-D


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should say i'm not affiliated with them at all, i just thought it looked interesting...
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Should be easy enough though the plugin is looking for a definition list, rather than a standard unordered list, so you'll have to theme the view to output the correct markup (afaik, there's no view plugin for a definition list).

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Thanks WF, i'm taking a look at the jCarousel plugin to see how that works.. i'll see if can use that as a base to create a slidedeck plugin.

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I'm also trying to integrate SlideDeck into a Drupal site and am banging my head against the wall.

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it's easy to do with views.

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@kervi - there's no horizontal accordion in views?

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@kervi That's exaclty what i'm looking for. Can you please describe how to do that or provide a link?

Just choosing some page nodes would help too. But views integration would be really great :)

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@uolax - I managed to just embed their code in a block, works o.k. But no integration with nodes, just hardcode content

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is there a module for this yet? I need something like this for views.

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Even I am trying to configure this . Luckily there is a module for this too . However since the panels and ctools modules (on which this module depends) have been upgraded .... so as of now i suspect it might be buggy . Never the less worth a shot i guess :) Here is a demo of how it would eventually look like : if configured correctly i.e.

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Looks good.