Our recently installed Taxonomy Term Permissions module does not seem to have any effect when Taxonomy Super Select is enabled. Since I do not know which module should "get the blame" I also posted a similar issue with the Taxonomy Permissions module.

I set all terms in a vocabulary to be accessible to only the administrator role. However a test user assigned only to a different test role can see and set any of the terms in that vocabulary when creating content for a content type that has that vocabulary assigned to it. I confirmed that the test role has no permissions selected for any of the taxonomy terms; and I confirmed the test user is only in that test role (besides the default "authenticated" role).

If I disable Taxonomy Super Select, then Taxonomy Permissions work correctly, and the test user cannot see any of the terms. So, I tried changing the weight of Taxonomy Permissions to ensure it acted before TSS. This did not help. It seems as long as TSS is enabled, Taxonomy Permissions has no effect and all taxonomy terms are accessible regardless of the permissions established for them.

We are using Drupal 6.15, Taxonomy Super Select 6.x-1.0, Taxonomy Permissions 6.x-1.0

Could there be a conflict? Or, am I missing something?




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To elaborate on my previous comment: If only Taxonomy Permissions is enabled, it works correctly; if only Taxonomy Super Select is enabled, it works correctly; if both are enabled, then that is when there are problems.

I was hoping it would work to have Taxonomy Permissions function first, then have Taxonomy Super Select do its nice organization of the taxonomy terms that the user's role is permitted to access (from Taxonomy Permissions). But it does not work this way. I do not know if this is a bug with Taxonomy Permissions or Taxonomy Super Select.

It is also possible that those two modules will not work together in the way I thought they would -- but if this is the case, I am hoping that someone supporting either of those two modules could clarify this for me. Thanks!

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A link to the related thread at the Taxonomy Term Permissions module:

The problem still remains.

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Category: bug » feature
Issue tags: +compatibility

For reference, the module in this issue is http://drupal.org/project/term_permissions.
The compatibility must be solved on a case by case basis.

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Well this is pretty much the same problem I am having but mine is the Vocabulary Permissions module that fails to turn off super select for some roles.
I'd like to use super select for those roles that can update the (terms/categories/vocabularys/taxonomys/fluffy fury groupy things) on my site but without a way to hide it from the user who I want to hide it from it's just another drupal pipe dream of mine.
Going to look at using a block or a view for privledged users on the form pages for now so that might solve my problem. If it does I'll let the thread know.

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Version: 6.x-1.0 » 6.x-1.x-dev

I'm currently co-maintainer of vocabperms, indeed. There is a good chance to make them compatible... when I have time.

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Title: Possible conflict with Taxonomy Permissions module? » Compatibility with term-level permission control modules

Ok, I've just committed a fix for module with vocabulary-level granular control like vocabperms (#4) or taxonomy role:

Half done then. About Taxonomy Term Permissions module, I don't use it. Any clue?

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Status: Active » Postponed

Well, I took a quick look at #701746: Permissions settings have no effect and it looks like the compatibility problem does not only relate to TSS. If someone familiar with that module, please post a patch. I simply don't have more time.

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Wow thanks. Quick as a wink. I'll cancel the hired goons.

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Puts hand up gingerly to ask stupid question and send his drupal karma way down. When you say commit, I'm guessing that you are subbmitting either a fix I should be testing or committing means you are submitting a fix to some sort of group or collective that is going to test it.
Yeah I don't quite understand committing but I can't seem to find the plain english version of what committing is.

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Def of commit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commit_%28data_management%29

Bref, the fix is included in 1.4.

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Good happy day for me and maybe for you
you should try http://drupal.org/project/taxonomy_access
It works with my dr TSS module enabled.

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Taxonomy Access Control module is working on roles not Users.