Release info

Created by: merlinofchaos
Created on: February 1, 2010 - 23:06
Last updated: February 1, 2010 - 23:10
Core compatibility: 6.x

Release notes

NOTE: If you are running Panels + CTools together, you MUST update them together or they will stop working!

    Added support for context keyword substitutions on override paths in content panes provided by views_content.
  • #612850: Fix crash bug with panes referencing deleted/missing views.
  • #595442: Fix AJAX problems with mod_security enabled.
  • Introduce a "jump menu" tool which can be used to provide jump menus with a select.
  • Change plugins to no longer need magic function. Can now use $plugin = array(...) instead.
  • #652236 by alevine: Preserve pre-existing class when adding ajax functionality to form widgets.
  • #657474: Allows clean exporting for task handlers set to be the homepage.
  • #588246 by brynbellomy: Add "context exists" access plugin.
  • #618194 by brynbellomy: Add "string length" access plugin.
  • #618204 by brynbellomy: Add "string comparison" access plugin.
  • #621444 by hefox: contact pages should only show up if contact module is active.
  • #649144 by neclimdul: Expand ctools_include() to work for other modules. Move API version to 1.3.1
  • #646944 by DamienMcKenna: Fix wrong variable name in page_manager_enable_page().
  • Allow "admin path" to be empty for tasks to support Panels Everywhere.
  • Introduce 'export callback' to individual fields in Add some documentation to export.html -- much of it borrowed from stella!
  • #686826 by dagmar: Improve AJAX error notifications.
  • #625696 by dmmckenna: Bulk exporter did not define empty array at beginning in code it creates for you.
  • #651852 by coreyp_1: Add caching to content subtypes to save some queries. This means developers will need to clear caches when changing content type code.
  • #630982 by Roi Danton: Dependent javascript failed to work properly if radios being depended on had no value at all.
  • #661332 by yhahn: Allow to export stdClass objects by exporting them as an array and casting them to an object.
  • #654218 by Roi Danton: Improve documentation of to talk about annoyances with checkboxes, radios and fieldsets.
  • #538092: Add converters to the node edit form context so node fields can be available.
  • #484340: Support for token module in the context keywords.
  • #662242: Page Manager was not removing menu items when pages were deleted due to caching.
  • #639548: cache was not properly respected when loading individual items, leading to multiple redundant queries.
  • #573646: Attempt to make sure page manager does not try to respond to menu/theme hooks when CTools is not enabled.
  • #544438: Extend user context to allow selection of user, including "logged in user".
  • #604976: Prevent Page Manager from throwing errors when no modules that provide variants are available.
  • Add 'Update and save' button to reduce the number of needed steps to do basic content editing.
  • #693742: Sanitize block admin output (to Panels drag & drop for example) to get rid of script tags.