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LeagueSite is a module designed to help a user manage a single, or number of teams in a league on a website.

The module will allow you to create seasons spanning a determined length of time, and leagues to arrange within these seasons. The standings in a league are then displayed inside a league table.

The module is designed with the intention that you can manage multiple types of sport in different leagues also. When you create a League, you apply a scoring type to it, which can specify points awarded to a team for a win, a draw and a loss.
In time, a more advanced scoring system adding the ability to give a scoring breakdown and award bonus points in a league structure will be added.

The pages for this book outline the process of installing LeagueSite and getting your league up and running.
Currently this is work in progress!

If you wish to contribute to this documentation, please let me know, or post comments on a book page.

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