If you would like to get read access the SVN repository for the Blue Cheese theme please provide a link to a Blue Cheese issue comment you are working on, and I'll grant you access. We don't grant access unless you demonstrate you are interested in taking responsibility for a section or that you are actively working on fixing an issue.


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Can you clarify how we're supposed to work on an issue without having access to code? This seems like a bit of a catch22. I'm not sure where to start, basically.

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I echo adrinux's comment. I have no idea how to work on a Blue Cheese issue if I can't find the code to fix the issue. I would otherwise love to get involved.

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Hi, well you could comment on the issues and suggest solutions. But I agree, if you are ready to see the code, you are ready to go.

Please create some account on infrastructure.drupal.org and I'll approve your accounts. If it takes longer than 24 hours to get your account approved, ping me directly.


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It's a little hard to suggest solutions given that I can only see the prototype, and lots of these bugs reference the staging site. I'd love to help with this effort, but I need more information before I can even begin to be useful.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)