This issue (#288419: Logins don't work) shows that the module is not working for many people for about half a year.

There is a fix in the above issue, but there is no response from the maintainer.

Moreover, there is a D6 version, but it does not show on the project page. It needs to be made visible.


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Thanks kbahey for integrating the recent patch from Florian:
Logins don't work - bisbell - July 29, 2008 - 03:47 - Project: Secure Login
A possible logical thought under these circumstances, is that this module better be integrated into another broader module. If so, that also means that someone needs to make an official message on the secure login page & through the automated messaging of the installed mods page (in case of having a non-supported module in favor of the newer module).

Secure Pages -with or without Secure Pages Hijack Prevention- could be such a project, as login is some kind of a page that needs to be secured. But suppose the log-in page is not a node. So Secure Pages then should be able to protect non-node pages too. Or is it already able to protect the login?

However, "Secure Pages" seems to have some real problems that need to be resolved first:
Secure Pages: Securing my Drupal installation for SSL Access?

Then there is the Login Security module (but seems to lack SSL security).

Maybe "Secure Login" should be integrated, not in both, but partly in "Login Security" and partly in "Secure Pages"?
Like "Login Security" has the feature/option to SSL protect the login, but one has to install the "Secure Pages" to perform this action?

Or more advanced: integrate all four modules into only one new: "Complete Security", for any page (node and non node) in any possible way you want, including the hijack protection and some other possible feautures like encryption, PGP, password access, server protected directory, etc.?

I know that my perfectionism normally leads to that nothing can be done untill some years from now, so for the moment "Secure Login" better should get a new maintainer, until the other modules work better first and then can be integrated.

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Project: Secure Login » webmasters
Version: 6.x-1.x-dev »
Component: Code » Project ownership
Category: support » task

No response for 2 weeks. I am requesting CVS access to the project to address the issues mentioned.

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Assigned: Unassigned » kiamlaluno

I sent a message to the current maintainer.

Hello avf. I am writing you to know if Secure Login is still maintained.
kbahey is offering to resolve some of the issue reported in in the project queue. Please reply to; if you don't reply before two weeks, kbahey will become co-maintainer of the project.

Best regards.
— kiamlaluno site maintainer contributions CVS maintainer

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Title: Is Secure Login still being maintained? » Offering to co-maintain Secure Login

I am changing the title, as the issue has been already moved in the webmasters queue.

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Apologies for the silence.

I've had very little time to work on this, and I'm doing a lot less Drupal development than I used to.

I'd be very happy for someone to take over the project. I've given kbahey CVS access.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Thanks, avf.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Project: webmasters » project ownership
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