When I try to insert an iframe into a page, it gets stripped out. Is there a setting I can set that will allow iframes to be inserted into page nodes?


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Goto admin >> input formats, and add the iframe tag to whichever filter you're using for pages. That should do it.

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Where do you select this? I'm using 4.7.2, and I go to administer > input formats. I select 'Full HTML' (the input format I'm using), and hit configure. No where here do I see an area that will allow me to input the 'iframe' tag as something not to be filtered.

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I ran a test on my own drupal, i run 4.6.7, but it shouldn't matter regarding this i don't think. I added an iframe ( didn't put a source file though), and chose 'full html' which has no filters for html tags, and it worked.

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I'm having the same problem, did you find a fix?

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Go to settings > tinymce > cleanup and output > verify html mark to false. That should do the trick.

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Thanks. I was having very similar problems with my iframe and applet attempts. Your suggestion solved all my <applet... and <iframe... problems!


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add the iframe tag

I don't have that tag, do you need to install any module for that?


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