Hi All,

Just wondering if there was any sort of spotlight module for Drupal? What I'm wanting to do is move away from the drupal style of listing one article after another based on published date, and towards a system like a lot of news based sites use where there are seperate spotlight blocks. Each spotlight block could be configured to display the newest article on the site, newest article in a partiular topic, or just a specific article. I know I have seen them elsewhere, but as usual I can't find one when I need one. About the best example I can think of is on my site at http://www.it-hq.org (running Xoops atm) where on the home page you can see three blocks (one main one and two smaller ones) at the top of the page in the middle.

I tried the index module, and it isn't quite what I want. Perhaps the Views module can do this, but I am only just starting to use it and am unsure of what it can/can't do yet. Any suggestions?


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You might want to try the views module. It may not do exactly what you are describing, but it could help get you there.