Last updated 25 August 2009. Created on 14 June 2006.
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A simple way to alter your theme based on HTTP headers can be accomplished using the following code:

  $headers = drupal_set_header();
  if (strstr($headers, 'HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found')) {
    // do something, output something, change template file, etc...

Works great and works with all other headers. Great for having a completely different layout/theme for 404 pages.

Changing Theme with Init Hook

If you need to actually change a theme, you need to write the following in a module's init hook:

function yourmodule_init() {
   global $custom_theme, $theme;
   //... some logic ...

   $theme = null;
   $custom_theme = 'chameleon'; // 'chameleon' being the theme you want to set

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