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Well there's really not much to see, its an un-styled starter theme, very basic.

Perhaps a video of how to set it up might be more interesting?

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That would be great .. havent't tested this module yet.
This theme has only one region .. so is it best to create for example one extra region for menu and fill the content region with panels?

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The concept of Panels Everywhere (the module) is that you use Panels for everything - so you don't need extra regions, you use Panels layouts and the panels systems for laying out blocks, panel panes etc.

You should enable the base Adaptivetheme as well as the AT Panels Everywhere subtheme - by enabling the base theme the extra panel layouts that come with Adaptivetheme will be available to your subtheme (there are 9 additional layouts that will appear in the Panels layout configuration screens).

So just to be clear - you need:

Panels 3 module
Panels Everywhere module

Just a note, I probably wouldn't be using this stuff to build a live site, its very much early days for Panels Everywhere module and this theme - things could change during development and probably will.

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First of all thank you for the quick extra explanation. It looks very intresting but I'll keep your last note in mind! grtz

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I started playing with the theme and panels_everywhere and have a question about modifying an at panel.

I started with the flexible layout as suggested for my site template and am ready to move on. What I dislike about the flexible panel is, well, it's flexible, more specifically fluid. I do like the editing capabilities though. Using the layout designer is very cool. Unfortunately the designer seems restricted to flexible.

Trying to set a page layout setting in theme settings too a fixed width did not override the fluid aspect of flexible. That would be too easy. What I am after is a two column 66/33 with a top and bottom. If I do a little copy paste of the .inc files in the panels folder will this be enough?

From twocol_at_stacked_inset:

'panels' => array(
'top' => t('Top'),
'left' => t('Left side'),
'middle' => t('Middle column'),
'bottom' => t('Bottom'),

.twocol-at-stacked-inset .panel-col-first {float:left;width:25%;}
.twocol-at-stacked-inset .panel-separator,
.twocol-at-stacked-inset .panel-col .inside{margin:0;}
.twocol-at-stacked-inset .panel-col-bottom {clear:both;}

From twocol_at_66_33:

'panels' => array(
'left' => t('Left side'),
'right' => t('Right side'),

.twocol-at-66-33 .panel-col-first{width:66.333%;}
.twocol-at-66-33 .panel-col-last{width:33%;}

Can I simply intermingle and achieve a top and bottom or am I approaching with naivity?



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Sorry to bother raising that previous post. Sometimes the best course is try it then ask a question if it doesn't work. Worked just fine editing and now I have my 66/33 with top and bottom.

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Awesome man, thats the way, just try stuff and break it, then fix it etc, its the only way to learn! Good stuff.

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28.52 KB


I worked on this far too long to keep to myself. This is the first time I have ever been able to give back and it feels pretty good (its not much but is something).

For anyone that may want a copy of twocol_at_66_33_stacked (66/33 with a full width top and bottom) there is a zip file attached. Unzip and drop into /adaptivetheme/adaptivetheme/panels and it will show up on the layout page.

Jeff if you have the time peek in and see if it looks OK to you. It works as is but I am the crudest you will ever find.

I do need help again though. I can't seem to keep layout constrained to a defined width. Fluid is all I can manage. So let me ask this. Is using the default site template always going to end up fluid? Do I need to create my own default before fixed widths will function?


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Great, I'll take a look at this.

I'm not sure I follow about the fluid width issue - are you saying that when you set a fixed width in the theme settings its not working? Say if you set the page width to 960px? Because that should just lock the page width at 960px (if thats not working we might have a bug here).

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I've tried several different widths but none will stick. So, maybe there is a bug?