I click to download it tries to. Then my PC ask me what program was used to create drupal so that it could use it to open the files. I cannot get any programs I have to open drupal file. What am I doing wrong? Please Help


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Drupal is compressed in a file which Windows cannot open by default (tar.gz). It uses a format that is more common to unix/linux and mac systems, but with a free program you can decompress it with Windows. Usually the recommended free program is http://www.7-zip.org

After you decompress it, if you plan to install it on your own computer to work with, you will need a program such as http://www.wampserver.com/en/

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I want to install drupal to my hosting (with Linux, Apache2, php5.0.2, mysql5), but when I wanted to connect to my database some information on the site are missing like 'database name', 'user name',..., and javascript seems not to work here. I don't know if there is some relation beetwen that and that I cannot connect to my database, but I get the same site always without any error message after I sent the necesary information about the database. This site is the same where the information is missing.

Could you help me please?

Thank you very much.


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Make sure you only copy and paste the default.settings.php file, and make another copy of it called settings.php. The default.settings.php file must still be there. Ensure this is the case and let me know (it sounds like this might be the issue, but if not let me know). Also for future reference, it is better to make your own new forum topic about your question, and not add your question to some one else's topic.

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I tried to install many times and it goes good on localhost, but I can't go ahead with my problem :( Yes I copied the default.settings.php and I have settings.php too, with all the rights 'rwx' to everybody. I have the files directory too, but I don't have the bolded text's on the database installation site and I can't set the database. I get no error just the installation site without the bolded texts.

Regarded the new topic, I'll do it next time, but now it's good here, or?


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I was about to install drupal, and I have requirements problem.
I read everything about it and try to fix permissions problem, but every time I got this message:

The directory sites/default/files does not exist. An automated attempt to create this directory failed, possibly due to a permissions problem. To proceed with the installation, either create the directory and modify its permissions manually, or ensure that the installer has the permissions to create it automatically. For more information, please see INSTALL.txt or the on-line handbook.

any ideas what to try?

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Navigate to that directory and manually create the new folder called "files" there.

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txt file?

I ve already tried to do that..and nothing..

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Please slow down - read what I said:
Navigate to that directory and manually create the new folder called files there.

From within the main Drupal directory, go into the sites folder, then into the default folder within that. Make a new folder in there called files. Ensure that this folder has the correct permissions set so that the web server can write data to it. If you are on a shared host, this might sometimes require you to contact your host to ask them to set the owner and permissions for you, since it may be too restricted to allow you to do it yourself.

Hope this helps.

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thank you very much! it worked..

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I want to install drupal in my local machine & am using wamp server but i m getting this

errors : "Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in C:\wamp\www\includes\file.inc on line 646"
"Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C:\wamp\www\includes\form.inc on line 325"
"Notice: Undefined variable: edit in C:\wamp\www\includes\form.inc on line 764"
"Notice: Undefined variable: redirect in C:\wamp\www\includes\form.inc on line 268"
" Notice: Undefined variable: base in C:\wamp\www\includes\form.inc on line 465"
"Notice: Undefined index: #value in C:\wamp\www\includes\form.inc on line 1046"
"Notice: Undefined variable: no_module_preprocess in C:\wamp\www\includes\common.inc on line 1611"
"Notice: Undefined variable: no_theme_preprocess in C:\wamp\www\includes\common.inc on line 1632"
after this errors in the end there is data configuration page is displayed.

i dont know y are this error have occurred and how should i solve this. i m using using drupal for the time..
so can anyone help me this..???

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Please provide more information on your WAMP setup - as in the versions of PHP, Apache, mySQL
- Did you configure PHP to see the DB server?
- Did you successfully get Drupal to connect to the DB and create the tables during installation? Has this install ever worked? Please detail the steps you took to install Drupal

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I just downloaded the new version of wamp server and installed it & then download drupal 6.x from this site & then copied the folders from downloaded to www folder in wamp.
thereafter, opened my IE browser to install drupal but instead of main page i got this given error.

so is there any problem with installed wamp version or i should use something else.??

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That "Function ereg() is deprecated" message can happen when you have PHP 5.3.x running, which Drupal 6 does not support; you need to use the previous version PHP 5.2.x. Look for a version of wamp that still uses that previous version of PHP.

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Hi all...

Drupal is a content management system designed to run on a web server which is accessible through the internet to anyone interested. To run your Drupal site you will need a hosting provider which can run your website for you. There are many to choose from. One of the biggest and cheapest ones that offer easy Drupal installation is Dreamhost.

However for the sake of learning Drupal you don't need to have a server. You can install Drupal on your machine. The disadvantage of this setup is that your site will not be accessible from other computers on the internet. On the upside your local Drupal installation will be much faster than running it on the internet and you don't need internet connection to access your site (ex. on the road).

When you decide you want to move your local Drupal site to your server to make it accessible for the public you will be able to do so.

As a first lesson let's create your Drupal installation and do some basic settings on your website. There are several settings and installations to be done on your Mac to make it into a local webserver and install Drupal on it. I could take you through all that, but it's lengthy and it's unrelated to learning Drupal. Also, there is a very simple solution that will do everything for you.
Download Acquia Drupal

There is a company called Acquia, which is run by the creators of Drupal and it offers many free and payed services that make using Drupal easier. Acquia created a simple installer for Mac users that you can download and run to set up your site within minutes. Download Acquia Drupal here: http://acquia.com/downloads

Once downloaded run the installer application and fill in the required settings:

1. Site name is the name of your local Drupal site.
2. Username is the name of the user who will manage the Drupal site, it is also called user 1 or admin user.
3. Password is the admin user's password.
4. Email is required in case you want to recover your admin password.

All these settings can be changed later on your site settings.

Once you are finished with the installation, run the Acquia Drupal Control Panel application. This shows you the status of your local server and allows you to visit your local website. You can also create new databases and change other settings, which will be discussed later. Click go to my site.

Your browser will open this address: http://localhost:8082/ This is where your local Drupal website is located on your Mac. And you will see an empty website with just the basics of Drupal. Log-in so we can create the very first piece of content on your brand new site.

Create the first post on your Drupal site

Once you logged in you will see a black bar on the top and a menu bar in the left. Let's not worry about the top menubar for now. Click the create content link in the left menubar. You will see two options. Story and Page. Click story to get a form.

Don't worry about the yellow message for now. Enter some title such as First post and some copy such as below:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam aliquet pellentesque ligula eu consequat. Sed orci nisl, ultrices sed mattis quis, vestibulum sed enim. Sed sit amet nisi at libero egestas pellentesque quis sed ipsum. Nam fringilla ornare tincidunt. Curabitur auctor tortor in mauris placerat sagittis. Vivamus odio ipsum, consequat eu ullamcorper at, pellentesque quis dolor. Pellentesque vulputate nibh nulla. Donec mattis diam non tellus dignissim ac gravida nisi rhoncus. Suspendisse tortor sapien, iaculis id sodales et, luctus sit amet erat. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Donec luctus lacus quis tortor egestas vitae tristique nibh mattis.
Save the story post by clicking save on the bottom of the page.

Click the name of your website to return to the front page and see the very post your created on your Drupal site. Congratulation!

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I have spent the last day or so trying to create a successful local server on my mac using MAMP and install Drupal 6... being a novice at this stuff I have had difficulty getting all the permissions correct and I wasnt able to create a successful 'settings.php' file for the drupal install.

So, when i saw this last post, i thought I would give it a try... it worked great and was set up in a few minutes. Now, I have some questions about the difference in using Acquia Drupal and what I had been trying to do earlier with MAMP.

1. I wasnt able to specify where I wanted local server/files placed on my machine- Acquia picked a spot and filled the folder- kind of annoying.
2. I didnt need to specify anything in 'myphpadmin' of Acquia's 'manage my site' properties.... so, do i no longer need to set up a user for this database? how do the permissions relate when i decide to transfer my site to a remote server?
3. Did my default webpage, when created with Acquia, look and act just like it would had i used MAMP?

thanks for your help!