This feature seems to be disabled in the FriendsElectric theme - anyone know why and how to get the menu description to show up again as it does in the default drupal themes. This is an impotant useability/accessability feature - limits this theme without it - ta. Renaee.


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I have not had any response to this post - just bumping it up in the hope that some-one may have a solution. Why there is no hover on menu items in freindselectric theme?

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Change themes. See if hover is there. If so, go into css file and search for hover. Note where. Put in friendselectric. Does it work?

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hi there - when I change themes the hover is there, so it is not to do with admin>settings>>menu. It must be to do with the hover attribute itself. I know how to change the style properties of a hover attribute, but was unsure how to change the hover message that comes up, this is usually set in the alt/title attibrute (in the html) is it not?

Also - not sure if you meant go into the CSS files of friends electric theme, or go into the global drupal CSS file - can you clarify - thanks.

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If the hover is showing up when you use another theme, then you are setting the hover property properly. See drupallinux's comment about where to find how to change that.

As far as the css, what you need to find is something in a css that is allowing it to display. Since the global drupal css is loaded whether you are using friendselectric or any other theme, looking in there would seem to be an exercise in futility. So it must be in the css of the theme where it works, but not in the friendselectric theme.

Sorry I was short on time when I posted originally. Kind of hard to decipher what I meant to say.

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Thanks again,

It makes sense to me now, that if the hover is showing up in the 'pushbutton' theme for example (one of drupal's default themes on installation), then if I look in the style sheet of that one, maybe I will find what attribute and property has been used to display the hover description and can duplicate the effect in friendselectric. If I find it I will post it, as I am sure others using this theme are wondering why it does not show up as well.


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Did you ever find a solution to the 'No hover' problem?
I have the same problem. If I change to the Pushbutton theme, then all the menus work as expected. I can't see anything in the Pushbutton style sheet that makes this happen.
The hover text is not being carried through to the 'title' elements for menu items in the Freindselectric theme.
If I use my browsers 'view the source' option, I can see the hover text in the title field of the list elements when using the Pushbutton theme, but not when using Friendselectric.

Freindselectric is a PHPTemplate-based theme. Do you think the hover option is controlled by the tmplate and not just the style sheet?

Any help would be appreciated.


I just found this patch which fixes the problem
here's the link:


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log in admin section. go to menu > edit the appropriate menus in question, you can specify desccription for each one. it mentions about the hover there.

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The problem with friendselectric not showing the description is in the code.
Go to the template.php file, and look for the function phptemplate_menu_item_link.
In the return line, there is the string:

array('title' => $items['description'])

which is wrong, as it should read:

array('title' => $item['description'])

$items => $item

This outputs the description on menu items perfectly on my site (

Hope that this helps.

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No need to use the patch - just this one tiny change to the phptemplate page has fixed the problem.

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Hi all,
I am facing somewhat similar issue. My main menu shows menu title on hover irrespective of what menu description is. I am not getting on how to enable menu description on mouse-hover.
Please Help.