I've developped a web based portal using drupal with my own modules and I'm thinking of making a profit out of it... but I dont want to be in conflict with the GNU GPL... so this is my idea :
-hosting th web site myself (and keep the code for me) and giving access to users for a monthly fee for exemple...

Is that ok with the GPL? or do I have to give up all the source code to my "clients" ?

thanks !!!


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before embarking on a business, you'll want to consult a lawyer experienced in software licensing, but in the meantime see http://drupal.org/licensing/faq.

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well then from what I've read it looks like a yes... right?
any other opinion?

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i'm not a legal expert but selling a service that is provided by an open source software package is completely fine. taking drupal and turning around and selling it as your own software is NOT fine. at the end of the day, if you are charging for content / service, then you should be fine.

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As far as I can tell you are allowed to sell, as long as it is distributed under the GPL.

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