This is a spin off issue from #228818: IE: Stylesheets ignored after 31 link/style tags. In that issue there seemed to be tremendous support (including a patch #152 - probably needs some work though) So I thought I'd open the floor to the wider group ... should we? shouldn't we?


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I'm in favor of this. But not strongly.

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-1 from me. Cross-post from #228818: IE: Stylesheets ignored after 31 link/style tags:

Something we worked very hard on this release was making it possible to create beautiful themes in Drupal with just CSS, without diving into template.php. We even added the Stark core theme to facilitate this.

New users are the ones most likely to install Drupal using the Standard profile. They'll immediately see that Garland is ugly, and then look to see what they can do about that. "Oh! Neat! A base theme I can start modifying myself! Let me go get Dreamweaver. WTF? Did I forget to Save? No... Did I forget to FTP? No... WHY DOES DRUPAL HATE ME?!?!"

Ick. :\

Drupal's target audience is not end users; it's people building websites for their end users. 99.9% of them are going to want Drupal to look different than it does out of the box. They will all hit this issue.

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I just had a bit of a brainwave that I think should address webchick's concern - posted patch over at #678292: Make CSS and JS aggregation sensitive to file changes and be enabled by default.

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I think it would an improvement, actually. Of all the people that install Drupal, I think relatively more people are concerned about performance, and relatively fewer people care about changing CSS. I think Drupal's target audience is both end-users and site builders -- and not all site builders need to be themers.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

Let's centralize the discussion of this on #678292: Make CSS and JS aggregation sensitive to file changes and be enabled by default. There may be other issues that discuss a different angle on this, but I don't think this issue is adding anything not covered over there.