Im using Menu Blocks. Even though ive set the ‘Block Title’ to , a title of the block is still created on the page. The title seems to be the path of the menu.

How can I remove the title?


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Try putting as the title of the block. Usually that will resolve it.

Otherwise, you can always try hiding it with CSS, even though there are many reasons why you wouldn't want to do that.

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What do you mean by 'Try putting as the title of the block.'? I thought id already done this.

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My apologies!

Try putting <none> in the block title.

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Ive done that already.

If I give the block menu's a title, then that title appears. If I set it to , then the name of the taxonomy term it represents appears.

The weird thing is the top level menu doesn't show its title (which is what I want). Subsequent menus have the title of the taxonomy term they are under.

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I'm having the same issue. I've added <none> and it is still displaying a title. What's the deal?

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same issue here

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there may be some confusion here.

When you create a custom Menu , you have to give that menu a title in Site Building > Menus > Add Menu.
You can enter whatever title you want in there ... that's just for admin purposes. (so it's not there you have to put in < none >)

Once you created your menu, that has in fact created a Block.
So now , in your Site Building > Blocks > List go to the Menu Block you just created and hit Configure ... now, there, change the Block title (it's empty at first) to < none > (without the spaces).

Title shoud be gone now.

Logic behind it:
Like I said, when you create a custom menu, Drupal in fact creates a block. so block.tpl.php is called.
In my case, the name of my menu is "MAIN" , so my candidate template file is block-menu-menu-main.tpl.php

If I take block.tpl.php and open it up there is a part that says:

if ($block->subject):

print $block->subject


Those are the lines that print out the title.
You could always remove those lines (altho the above mentioned method to remove the title should work) to be sure to get rid of the title.

After you've done that save your file to block-menu-menu-main.tpl.php in your own themes dir.
Empty Cache et voila.

If it still doesnt work for you guys , let me know , be glad to help.

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If you put your Menu Block in a Panel, the Block Settings on the Panel will allow you to override the block title with <none>. But this is not done on the Block configuration. It is done through the Panels interface. Choose "Settings" on each Menu Block inside a Panel display, then check "Override title." Sorry, this doesn't help anyone not using Panels, but if you are, it should work for you.

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Just what I was looking for!