I have a need for a lead in Comment for a Publication Type.

For example,
New Publication Type I defined is:
Article Compendiums

The Comment I'd like to have in a paragraph immediately following the Publication Type Name. So it would look like:

Article Compendiums
Most papers in this category are published in books resulting from the World Conference on Computers in Education (WCCE) held every 5- years in different regions of the world. Complete manuscripts are submitted in competition for this book approximately one year in advance. Papers are reviewed by three international readers, with a subset being accepted for presentation and a still smaller subset being selected for publication in the post-conference book focusing on the conference theme. For example, for WCCE '90 in Sydney, Australia, 560 full papers were submitted from 41 nations; 190 were selected for publication. Beginning with WCCE '95 in Birmingham, England, only the top 100 papers have been published in the post conference book.

this would be followed by the individual compendium entries.

What do you recommend?

I created an Article Compendium with the Title 'Note:' and filled in the notes. This formats into Anonymous (Submitted) Note - where Note is a link.

This is for that vitae I'm trying to re-create.



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I've putzed around with views headers and pane subheaders - but you have to give the user a lot more access to panels and panes than I want to give them.

I'm thinking of adding some type of flag for the admin to allow users to input a 'subheader' and then add the UI for the user to flag a comment as a 'subheader' for that particular publication type.

Then tweak the css format so that it suppresses the author, submit date, and title -- just prints the notes.

I'm still looking through contributed modules to see if there is something out there that works.

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Hi Becky,

Will this description be constant for each new pub type? There is currently an unused "description" field in the biblio_types table where the type name is stored. Maybe this could be utilized if one was to give little love to the "Pub Type" UI, and then exposing this field to Views.


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Hmmmm ... let me check with the other two universities.

That looks close. It needs to be unique for each vitae created by the person. So while it would be constant for each publication type. It is constant within a vitae, not within a view.

For now that would work since I'm only letting folks have one vitae. But when I let them create versions of vita then I would need to let them change that description or even disable it.

Could you look up your other sleeve?

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I'm going to be bold and mark this as a duplicate of #682044: Support fields (CCK) in D7 Bibliography Module. This is exactly what Drupal Fields (CCK) was designed to do.