I need a zen column like below


left side bar-------------------content ------------- right sidebar


there is a picture in attachement too

How can I have a layout like that I use 6.x-2.0-beta1 version.
I use fixed layout too
Thank you!


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maybe someone can upload the file that makes zen 3 column.

I read below topic but I cant do



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Zen is a 3 column by default. Stop bumping please, it'll earn you no brownie points.

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ıt is said in theme page it is 3 column but I cant use left and right column.

what is also "brownie points"?

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I add a screenshot from blocks page. so you will see all blocks is listed vertical. it is listed ad header, first sidebar, navigation, second sidebar, highlightened content ...etc


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First thing - I would use the stable version unless you want to be testing this theme, beta means beta man, that means you should be prepared to encounter problems and provide feedback.

Second, looks to me like you havent set up the subtheme correctly, and I will not help with this as there is plenty of information regarding Zen already.

"Brownie points" is English slang for "kudos", I meant if you bump you are more than likely to be ignored. I don't like persistent bumping.

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Hi enbilulu,

I'd use the stable 6.x-1.1 release of Zen and then follow the instructions in the layout.css file. That will take you step-by-step through how to set your widths for a three-column layout.

Hope that helps,

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Zen theme is allready a 3 columns theme.
You have to go admin>>site building>>blocks
and put some bloc on the second sidebar to be able to see the third column.
good luck