I am using the Giordani theme 6.x-2.96 from the Marinelli set of themes and was wondering if any one knew how to:

1. change the background color?
2. It has a rotating banner but it rotates only on refresh or page change....is there a way to make the banner rotation be time sensitive? i.e it rotates every 3 seconds even if you are on the same page.
3. Is there a way to change the size of the banner?

Will appreciate any help.


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Hello Tinkerer

Here are the answers to your questions:-

1) Change the background color by changing the body class of <root>\sites\all\themes\marinelli\graphics.css

body {
  color: #333;
  background: #EDEDED url(img/body.gif);

2) For rotating banners you can use Drupal modules such as DD Block, Views Rotator, etc providing various options together with time sensitive rotation of image.

3) Yes there is a way to change the size of the banner, go through the line number 26 of \sites\all\themes\marinelli\layout.css you will find a css id i.e. #header {....} you can change dimensions for the banner from there.

Good Luck
Vitthal Roonwal

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This thread is asking very much the same questions I'm curious about - so I tried the suggested answers, but see no effect on the theme. Can you please provide additional feedback?

I'm using Drupal 6 and have installed the Marinelli theme in the correct location (as described above). Maybe I'm having a 'newbie' moment??

I can view my changes as the admin, so I think it's a permission issue...no help needed right now...Tom

Tom Hale
New Day Web Design

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in graphics.css you can change front page background but how to change the background of other nodes (i.e. articles)?