I'm new to DRUPAL.
I want to add a new link in menu items in one of the left side navigation.
What should be the path of the link & where to keep that pdf file.


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as you would expect, Drupal is amazingly flexible and therefore you can put anything in there that Drupal can interpret and act upon.

One option is to put the complete url, something like:


Another option is to put in the relative address of the file within your Drupal site. Let's assume that your Drupal home directory is in:

c:\program files\apache\apache2\www\htdocs\drupal

and the complete path for your file is:

c:\program files\apache2\www\htdocs\drupal\files\yourfile.pdf

Then you can use:


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How can we setup the home directory so that we can use relative path for the links.

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but the home directory is always available for relative pathing. Remember that Drupal is distributed based on the assumption that you have a working webserver. That webserver is serving files from a specific location. An example might be an Apache webserver which has a path to its root location as c:\program files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\.

It is recommended that you set up your Drupal files in a directory/folder structure that is one more level down so that it is easier to implement multiple site support. For example, the files for your first Drupal site might be in the c:\program files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\MyFirstSite folder.

Assuming that to be the case, a relative path to a file in a files subfolder might be:


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