I'm trying to get the Menu Access module working on my Basic based theme. The module requires the use of the adapted menu blocks provided with the module (called 'Menu Access - Primary links' etc) for it to work.

My problem is I want to get this working in the navigation div, not in a block.

The maintainer for Menu Access gives as instruction: "If you have a custom theme you can integrate the menu by calling menu_access_menu_tree('primary-links') where the unique computer name of the menu is your custom menu."

How would I achieve this in Basic?


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You can take a look in the page.tpl.php. and replace the line with:

<?php if (!empty($primary_links)){ print theme('links', $primary_links, array('id' => 'primary', 'class' => 'links main-menu')); } ?>


  <?php print menu_access_menu_tree('primary-links'); ?>

I'm not too familiar with Menu Access, but I'm assuming that the menu_access_menu_tree() function returns a themed result.

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I would say that's how that issue is resolved. No other response to say otherwise.

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